Responsibility Quality Sustainability UNIQFOOD Responsibility Quality Sustainability UNIQFOOD

Products, processes, technology, and competence

Always striving to improve quality is part of our DNA

UNIQFOOD always starts by carefully selecting our partner suppliers, in combination with regular supplier audits. Each ingredient is inspected upon receipt based on a wide range of criteria.

We work with accredited independent testing institutions in addition to our internal quality controlling. All frozen foods are tasted according to comprehensive testing plans and subject to microbial analysis.

The entire production process is monitored continuously using high-precision, computer-supported prevention and controlling systems – supplemented by regular line controls and random sample testing.

We only approve our products once it's “all systems go”, and once our high standards of quality are fulfilled.

Laboratory Quality Testing UNIQFOOD Release test Quality test UNIQFOOD Control system quality testing UNIQFOOD

Working with care and precision is part of our culture, and we value maintaining a comprehensive, active, and certified quality management- and food safety system very highly. Likewise, we want to offer our customers, and thereby consumers outstanding product quality, reliability, and uniquely great taste.

IFS Food

Our company adheres to the highest international standards, and is IFS Food certified (Higher Level Standard).

DLG seal of quality

We have our products analysed by the DLG Deutsche Lebensmittelgesellschaft (German Food Society). Some of our products, such as chicken fricassee, have received the DLG gold seal of quality for years..

V-Label vegan vegetarian

Our vegetarian and vegan products can be marked with the V-Label as a seal of quality.

What responsibility for people truly means

Good conditions are essential for good work

We want to offer a safe, positive, and respectful working environment for our entire UNIQFOOD team.

Team Responsibility UNIQFOOD

We take on responsibility for every team member by:

adhering to an attractive collective bargaining agreement that ensures fair compensation and generous conditions,

establishing a comprehensive occupational protection system to completely prevent work-related accidents,

completing regular ckeck-ups and providing support to handle problems or stressful situations,

appreciating the diversity among our team members, and considering fair conditions and equal opportunity to be a key factor for a positive working environment,

collaborating closely with employee representatives and supporting social engagement by our team members.

Team Corporate values Guiding principles UNIQFOOD Team Corporate values Guiding principles UNIQFOOD

UNIQFOOD corporate values


Honest and transparent communication, authentic actions. You can rely on us. We stand by our word and stand by you – in every situation.


We listen to one another, and treat one another fairly and respectfully. We appreciate the abilities, experience, contributions and performance of each individual. We consider our diversity part of our strength.


We support one another, and combine forces to achieve our goals together. Our customers are part of the team. We are better together – and we all have more fun.


We are open to new things, adapt to changes, and promote development. We rely on open feedback and short routes. This helps us stay quick, flexible, and ready to make decisions.


We are food professionals. Each day, we give our best and utilise our potential to do an excellent job, each individual working consistently and effectively in their own position, with the highest level of safety.


Our passion for what we do motivates us to seek out excellent solutions. We are excited about our work – even when it is challenging.


Changes in the markets, food culture, processes, new technologies, more sustainability, ...: We work proactively with inspiration, initiative, and innovation.

We are on the way

Sustainability is part of how we shape the future

At UNIQFOOD, responsible action is an important part of our culture. We are always working to further minimise the ecological impacts of our actions. We specifically focus on sustainability in the supply chain and handling natural resources carefully.

We are certified in accordance with internationally recognised environmental and energy management standards DIN EN ISO 14001 and 50001

We purchase fish from sustainable sources whenever possible and are MSC and ASC certified.

MSC ASC certified Sustainability

Our location in Hilter obtains 100% of the energy it uses from green power.

100% green electricity