Ready-meal variety pan dishes egg dishes UNIQFOOD Ready-meal variety pan dishes egg dishes UNIQFOOD

Product and category solutions, with exclusive diversity

We keep an open mind, as we create a recipe for success for our customers

Classic, modern, trendy, premium, young, regional, global … at UNIQFOOD, we are free to concentrate only on the success of our customers. In our kitchen, we cook what our customers need to move forward.

Pasta with prawns UNIQFOOD

Dishes for a variety of dietary needs

with meat

with fish or seafood

vegetarian or vegan

with or without meat substitutes



Pasta Chicken Pan UNIQFOOD

Large bandwidth

one-pan meals

ready-to-eat meals

with sauce: meat, meatballs, fish

complete dishes

pancakes and omelets



Königsberger meatballs UNIQFOOD

Popular classics, both national and international

like chicken fricassee, Königsberger meatballs, kale dishes, Nasi Goreng, Penne Gorgonzola and much more

Tapas with seafood and albondigas UNIQFOOD

Modern national themes

German, Italian, Asian, American, Spanish, Greek, Japanese, Mexican, Indian cuisine and more

Tubular bag Folding box Pan dish UNIQFOOD

From design to technology

Packaging solutions for a wide range of product types

We understand packaging as a key component of the product concept. State-of-the-art production systems allow us to offer our customers a variety of different packaging solutions:

tubular bags

bag in box

uncoated folded box

cooking bag in folded box

box with interior bag

and much more

Tubular bag Pan dish UNIQFOOD Folding Box Pan Dish UNIQFOOD