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Success and future partner for food retail, home delivery services, food service, and bulk customers

Frozen foods convenience specialist for exclusive product and category solutions

UNIQFOOD is a dedicated private label specialist and committed partner for companies looking for customised frozen dishes for their brands, customers, or consumers.

What makes us, and collaborations with us, so successful is our focus and our mission to offer 100% customised products, and these 4 key factors:

1. Comprehensive recipe competence

Our product development department offers wide-ranging cooking expertise and extensive recipe knowledge. Our trained chefs have many years of experience in the restaurant and catering industry, with a variety of target audiences.

We also understand everything that goes into ensuring maximum enjoyment and reliable success for frozen foods. Upon request, we can develop or optimise individual recipes, or complete product concepts.

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3. Professional innovation management

UNIQFOOD works as a specialised partner for the future of our segment: we keep current and upcoming trends in mind, provide fresh ideas, and develop new recipes or concepts such as: Ramen, Tex Mex one-pan dishes, healthy fit food, street food boxes, bowls, ...

To do so, we use our established innovation management process, including trend analyses, category management-based advising, food science expertise and consumer studies. Of course, our solutions are always custom-tailored for our customers, and delivered with a healthy dose of passion and inspiration.

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4. Agile collaboration, built on partnership

We have been collaborating with many of our customers for years. We work proactively, through a true exchange of ideas and a partnership built on trust. This allows us to overcome present challenges and successfully shape the future.

We foster direct dialogue and in-person experiences, especially in the form of workshops, to discuss and taste recipes with our customers, talk about sensory experiences, and evaluate fulfilment of consumer expectations.

All departments work based on collaborative routines: Purchasing – quality assurance, quality management – product development – packaging development, production – logistics – marketing & sales. If needed, the customer can also be part of the team.

We work with one common goal:
Professional processes and the best product solutions, in line with UNIQFOOD's mission.

Let’s talk about your ideas. Experience how we work for yourself. Contact us now at:

Let’s talk about your ideas. Experience how we work for yourself. Contact us now at: